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Monday, 27 March 2017



An Independent Riders Group (IRG) member has made our group aware of a motorcycle & scooter parking ban at the MCG. Bicycles are allowed.

Bicycles are encouraged, presumably because they reduce congestion and car parking shortages during major events at the ground. The same is true for motorcycles & scooters so how does the City justify these bans?

And, why were these MCG bans not raised at the City's Motorcycles In Melbourne Committe?

The Daniel Bowen Dot Com article did nothing to make riders less concerned about being discriminated against in terms of bike parking.

The article does however make the valid point that riders have not been adequately educated as to the rules/guidelines related to parking motorcycles & scooters on footpaths. Footpath parking was introduced as state law in the 1980s and has served the community very well for decades.

Awareness of motorcycle & scooter parking rules is a statewide issue. Authorities have a responsibility to make citizens aware of the rules that make our cities and towns work. The IRG calls on local and state governments in Victoria to fund and develop a footpath parking education campaign in consultation with the Motorcycle Expert Advisory Panel (MEAP) amd the Motorcycles In Melbourne Committee. This campaign should include newspaper/website articles, radio and TV ads as well as an updated leaflet mailed with registration renewals.

This campaign would have significant road safety effects by showing proper rider behaviour, best safety clothing and by reducing road rage as car drivers learn how congestion car parking shortages are reduced by people on two wheels.

Damien Codognotto OAM
Independent Riders Group

Monday, 13 March 2017


184 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, Vic. This picture was taken in March 2017. Ring any bells?

Thursday, 23 February 2017


THE SUICIDE AWARENESS WALK  includes the Ride4Life. This is a real community event to raise money for and awareness  of mental health issues.

All riders of motorcycles, scooters and three wheelers are invited to join the ride. If you are not a rider go on  the walk or bring the kids to see the bikes.

Cooked breakfast from 8.30 am. Ride departs 11 am.
This link shows the route, the details and a link to the registration page as well.
Anything else you need or any queries you may have, just let me know.
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Ric Raftis
Ride4Life Inc
0407 412100

Tuesday, 21 February 2017


Heather Ellis (left) with her Upper House MP Wendy Lovell MLC in the Parliamentary Library in March 2017. They discussed road safety funding, zoning, crash data collection and more. Go see your local MP. Every visit to an MP by a motorcycle and/or scooter riders helps.