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Friday, 20 March 2015


VICTORIA POLICE COMMAND have acknowledged receipt of the IRG email in the previous blog. It will get serious consideration.

"7. The IRG strongly opposes a TF ban in 40 kph speed zones as suggested
by VicRoads and reportedly supported MAG members Moira Stewart and Wendy
Wendy Taylor's position on motorcycle & scooter traffic filtering, reported in the previous blog, is one of concern about banning it in speed zones of 40 kph and under, school zones excepted. Wendy suggested a filtering top speed of 20 kph.

I think a 20 kph top speed for motorcycles & scooters filtering is too slow. It is certainly too slow inbound on the Eastern Freeway between Chandler Highway and Hoddle Street in peak hours. Checking your speedo too regularly can get dangerous in traffic that accelerates, brakes, stops then moves on again every few hundred metres. With car drivers on the phone, eating buns and putting on make up while changing lanes often in a vain attempt to get to work on time through one of Australia's greatest traffic jams.

A lot more police motorcycles with helmet cameras as in WA would be most welcome.

VicRoads won't permit motorcycles & scooters to travel in the bus lane on the left despite the proven road safety benefit. The only option riders have other than traffic filtering is to sit in the lane and hope not to be hit from behind.

The transit lane on the right does not go to Hoddle Street so if a rider uses the transit lane, which is permitted, then he/she must cross 5 or 6 lanes of  bad tempered car drivers to get to the bus lane in Hoddle Street where motorcycles & scooters are permitted. VicRoads created this problem and they know about the dangers because the IRG has told officials on many occasions.
The Hoddle Street bus lane is unique in Victoria. Some years ago VicRoads ran a trial permitting motorcycles & scooters to travel with bicycles and taxis in this bus lane. The trial was a success and riders ahve been allowed to continue using the Hoddle Street bus lane. However, VicRoads has continued to deny motorcycle and scooter riders the safety afforded to bicyclists in other suitable bus lanes around the state.


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