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Tuesday, 7 July 2015


The following email is going to all my media contacts.

Follow it up. Don't leave it for someone else to do.

Where ever you live, get your local paper. It will have a contact phone number. Ring up and ask to speak to a journo or someone in the editor's office. Tell them you are a local rider and you want to tell them about motorcycle & scooter riding in their area. Get your friends/club involved. 

This is a time when we can get attitudes to motorcycle & scooter commuting/touring/sport to change for the better ... but it can't happen unless a significant number of riders get in touch with the media and let everyone know how good we are.

Hi Damien

No doubt you would be across some of the media today regarding congestion. Just a heads up that we met with the Herald Sun last week and mentioned there are many ways where congestion can be addressed.

Part of this solution is for increased motorbike users on our road. We are planning to do more in this space so rest assured its not all about cycling and walking!. I'm sure you have seen the below link to what an Insurance company has done recently in the UK.

Anyway would be a great opportunity for you to push some messages out there about the benefits of motorcycling riding while the media are interested.



Paul Matthews
Executive General Manager
Communications & Stakeholder Engagement

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