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Tuesday, 27 October 2015



Series 4 Episode 5 : Sunday 3 pm on ONE in Sydney.

We go for a ride up the Putty Road to the Grey Gum Cafe for the Inaugural Temporary Australians Ride and Bike Show. We find out how to adjust to some quirky Melbourne traffic conditions. Will fills us in on some firefighters who like to ride together and we check out a web cam custom in Hobart. Bikers from the Gong take us on a ride through the scenic Kangaroo Valley.We discover the importance of motorcycle friendly lawyers and Sue Walter briefs us on the Snowy River Ride and her son Steven.Plus we find out about one of the judges at the bike show at the Grey Gum Cafe.

Make sure you check your local TV Guides for time variations in different states and territories plus weekly episode repeats.

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