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Sunday, 8 November 2015


Bikers' Campaign begins 
Sunday November 29!

Members and supporters of the  United Motorcycle Council (NSW) will gather in Hickson Road , The Rocks in Sydney from 9am on Nov 29 to collect gifts for the disadvantaged and to launch a campaign against prejudice by the authorities in their dealings with the motorcycling community in NSW.

With the move away from behaviour based policing towards a focus on appearance, riders from all types of clubs including 1%, Christian, military and social motorcycle clubs are being refused entry into a multitude  of licensed premises because of what they are wearing not because they behave badly!

The United Motorcycle Council is planning this to be the beginning of a series of events aimed at influencing public opinion and helping to encourage a move to evidenced based policing of society rather than one based on prejudice and negative stereotypes.

The UMC has also decided to make this ride a charity event and is asking riders to bring toys, blankets and tinned food to the launch and to participate in distributing these donations to various charity groups on the day. 

So far the following organisations have agreed to accept gifts:
  • Bill Crews and Exodus Foundation - Ashfield
  • Paul Moulds and Salvation Army - Kings Cross
  • Mary Macs Woy Woy
  • Parramatta Mission
At the launch representatives from some of these organisations will be present to personally thank the riders. Details of the preferred donations will be on the UMC NSW Facebook page and website early next week.

At 11.30 am after the launch riders will head en mass past NSW Parliament House in Macquarie Street and then split up to deliver donated items to their final destinations.
For further information check the UMC NSW Facebook and Website next week.

Greg Hirst
Brotherhood CMC

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