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Tuesday, 8 March 2016


G'day folks.

What do you think of the police/CoPP refusing a permit for the TOY RUN for Father Bob in 2016?

No wonder the chief of police in St Kilda did not want a face to face meeting. I reckon she knew this was coming. Like footpath parking bans CoPP seems to do what it's told.

No definitions of safety breaches or any other problems associated with the event because there weren't any. Police walked out of the February 2 meeting after 5 minutes. VicRoads turned up late. We never got to look at the video or discuss what, if anything, went wrong.

The whole thing was about the Independent Riders Group hiring a private company to do costly road closures which in my view would have been disruptive, a waste of money that could have Gone to Father Bob and would do nothing for road safety in our situation.

Would it be possible to take this decision to VCAT or the Ombudsman? Someone want to do some research?

I'd appreciate any thoughts, suggestions etc. before I respond to what I consider to be a most unfair decision.


-------- Forwarded Message --------
Subject:     Major Events Expression of Interest 2016/17 - Toy Run 2016
Date:     Tue, 8 Mar 2016 00:40:38 +0000
From:     David Hehir <>
To:     '' <>

Dear Damien,

Thank you for your Expression of Interest Major Events 2016.17 Application.

All applications have undergone a thorough assessment process and the
outcome of your submission can be found in the attached letter.


The Letter on City of Port Phillip letterhead said the TOY RUN for Father Bob in 2015 breached permit conditions and had safety issues. These allegations were NOT detailed or explained. The decision was made behind closed doors. The meeting at CoPP on February 2 was a joke and no official records were kept. - DC

On 8/03/2016 10:56 PM, an IRG member wrote:


Albeit a great venue (St Kilda) and road scape for a ride, let's not waste any more
time with these boguns at CoPP!!

Let's source another venue who wants us?

What about another assembly in the heart of the city, 20Km +(approx) ride
around the city skirt, down through Bay St Pt Melbourne to Father Bobs
Office or a park nearby?

          An IRG Member.

Probably the way to go.

But keeping the run together over 20 kms without police cooperation would be very difficult. My impression from Snr Sgt Denton and Inspector Beer is that IRG is not acceptable as a TOY RUN organiser, the VMC is. Good luck to them. They have every right to run their event and the IRG supports them in that.

Police supported the VMC TOY RUN at Melton. The Asst. Comm. for Traffic Doug Fryer went there last December. My impression is that any activity seen by police command as competition with a VMC event (which is rubbish) will not get police support.

The IRG meets another council tomorrow. We would prefer to stay in St Kilda but if riders are not welcome then riders are not welcome in that municipality. It's a shame because the traders and market stall holders have no problem with riders spending their money in St Kilda. IRG is looking at two venues.

The police/CoPP decision to ban the TOY RUN is a real insult to the organisers and all those who worked so hard and paid out of their own pockets to make the day a success.

What did we do wrong? The CoPP have not told us. The police aren't talking. We have asked CoPP to explain the allegations.

In the opinion of some this is political. It has nothing to do with road safety or permit conditions.

 If you haven’t already, please take a few minutes to watch these short video clips. The TOY RUN for Father Bob is on December 11, 2016. The IRG does good work.

The IRG Ride to Work Breakfast 2015.

We shall see.


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