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Saturday, 11 June 2016


VicRoads wrote to the Independent Riders Group (IRG) excusing/explaining the errors in its' ABS leaflet. The IRG wrote back asking: If the ABS leaflet was passed by the Motorcycle Advisory Group (IRG) at VicRoads? How the ABS leaflet and mailing was paid for? And, if the ABS leaflet and mailing were paid for out of the TAC antibike tax "safety levy" money. IRG Members will be emailed copies over the next few days. You can join the IRG at . The IRG urges all motorcycle & scooter riders to go to see your state MP. You can find your local MPs details at .

From an IRG Member:

“VicRoads acknowledges that some of the information contained in the recent renewal notice was poorly worded. However it stands by its position that ABS is an important technology for motorcycles that could significantly reduce the number of lives lost and serious injuries on our roads.”

Poorly worded, my butt. This stinks of typical corporate cover up.

No, it is totally false, it is in fact, unequivocal dribble. Facts and the use thereof, zero, zip, nada, nil. Poorly researched, no, not even. Clearly no, that is zero research has been undertaken, on the availability of aftermarket ABS systems for motorcycles, which then brings into question, if such systems were available, how many lives would be lost, and injuries would be sustained? All upon the advice of VicRoads.

Advice. Hmmmm.

If this is in fact the quality of advice, I am, in hind sight of resent law changes in laws regarding motorcycle safety by the Victorian government, based solely on the advice of so called, VicRoads expertise, starting to question again, the already questionable validity of the advice on which the Victorian government based and passed these laws. When it was clearly against the findings of the Victorian governments own, parliamentary enquiry into motorcycle safety. The Victorian motorcyclist, in fact the Victorian public, whom you serve, deserve far greater than this gratuitous dribble from within the ranks of VicRoads.

I draw your attention to two groups, of vastly different road users, the two extremes of Victorian road users, the long and short of it, (pun intended) the Victorian Motorcyclists and Victorian and interstate truck drivers, whom both claim the exact same thing. The greatest danger to themselves and other road users are in fact, the average, uneducated, foolish, it’s all about me, selfish, moronic car driver. What if anything is VicRoads doing or advising on this matter? (no pun intended).
Or does not VicRoads advice on such matters that the populous would deem unpopular. Who is the gutless ones? The Victorian government, it’s ministry or it’s VicRoads, and it’s entitled, elite, welfare recipient,  expert advisors?

Once again the question of how this load of codswallop and the publication was funded. Was it from the discriminative “motorcycle safety levy”?
Once again was passed by or through the “motorcycle advisory group”?
Whom, did authorise this load of dribble? Are they going to be held to account for their actions?

Keep the pressure up mate, this shit strengthens our position on a call for a independent ombudsman’s enquiry, into law changes and VicRoads, as well as VicPol.

Parliament of Victoria

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