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Friday, 4 November 2016


This R65 gave me many years of good service both as a tourer and as a courier/work bike. The Garner's  put the sticker on the back when it  was in their North Melbourne workshop for a service. It spoke true so I kept it and made sure the photo was archived. I rode it till it began to fall apart.

One day, as I was outbound on Cotham Road, a bit past Genazzano, there was a loud bang! I thought a car had backfired, There was a clattering. My muffler passed me heading down the hill faster than I was. I thought time to die old girl. But then ... nah. A bloke in Moorabbin welded on a couple of racing cans someone else threw out. The R65 went  on for 11 registrations, loud and proud.

It's not waht you ride, it's that you ride.


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