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Saturday, 13 September 2014


I have to say that I'm generally opposed to new laws and regulations when they just add to red tape and give police another excuse to fine us.

However, the disproportionate amount of money and resources lavished on the cycling community by all levels of government, the favourable media coverage and now a VicRoads/MUARC survey which suggests bicycles could have their own set of road laws, not just legal allowances for the mode of transport make my blood boil.

These recommendations according to the media, include the possibility, taken seriously by some, that push bike riders should be permitted to treat red lights as give way signs! I wonder how the family & friends of the old man on the pedestrian crossing, killed by a speeding bicyclist on Beach Road, Melbourne, a few years back, feel about that?

Having said that, I do think bicycle riders should have to identify themselves after an offence and should be subject to the same laws (with a few exceptions) as other road users. Whether that requires them to carry photo ID or have some ID on their bikes is up for debate, but I reckon too often bicyclists pulled up for an offence, give a false name and pedal off smirking.

It's a difficult question. freedom vs law & order. Bicyclists get a lot of freedom while motorcycle & scooter riders get law & order overkill. Both may be counterproductive. One thing I think is obvious, VicRoads is biased and the Victorian Roads Minister, Terry Mulder MP is too gutless to do his job and manage his department.

Anyway, Slim put a petition up. Think about it.

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