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Thursday, 18 September 2014


ATTENTION:  Motorbike and scooter riders
who are members of the RACV

VOTE 1 for Presley, J – RACV Board Candidate

The extra “Safety Tax” of $75.00 for vulnerable road users, namely motorbikes, needs to be redressed – is there equity with other road users?

Motorbike and scooter riders are legitimate road users and are not represented in the RACV Magazine. RACV needs to recognize this and provide more “balance,” not just sell insurance and holidays!

Motorbikes and scooters decrease transport pollution/congestion and parking problems in Melbourne compared with cars.

There needs to be a more balanced perspective for all road users, with more mutual respect for each other.

I have a passion for motorbikes. In my younger years I rode an off-road motorcycle around Eildon. So I can appreciate firsthand the enjoyment, fun and economical transport a motorbike affords one.

The Independent Riders’ Group needs recognition and representation in the RACV Magazine. Motorbike and scooter riders are a forgotten transport user.

I stand for:
·        Protecting and enhancing equity for all forms of transport – motorbikes, scooters, cyclists and motorists. All have a right to co-exist.
·        Providing more quality RACV services to all members.
·        Extending dedicated motorbike, scooter and cyclist bike lanes across Melbourne for the benefit of all commuters.
·        Promoting transparent, open and democratic principles for the RACV. I wish to join the RACV Board and maintain/introduce high ethical standards and forward thinking policies.

I believe I am the only independent candidate that is committed to take real action on all forms of transport issues with equity/fairness for all. The RACV needs new transport policies with fresh ideas and practical transport solutions.


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