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Saturday, 20 December 2014


EMAIL RACV President Mr Ross Herron care of Royalauto the RACV magazine at: 

December 20, 2014.


I was concerned to read the following passage in the ‘message from the president’ in the Dec/Jan Royalauto.


"Why have the city's footpaths become parking bays for Motorcycles? They hinder traffic. Would a better use of this space be cycling lanes similar to many European cities? (Ref. RACV Magazine Dec 14/Jan 15 P.11).

In this message he appears to be condemning the legal practice of parking of motorcycles on footpaths in the city. The message is a bit confusing as there are guidelines and rules laid down to ensure that motorcycles parked on footpaths do not hinder foot traffic or parked cars.

He also seems to be advocating cycling lanes on the footpaths around the city? This would be a major problem with today’s distracted pedestrians.

With the rapid increases in population, condoned by government, the roads are getting busier and more congested every day. Motorcycles offer a way to reduce congestion on our roads and sensible parking on footpaths frees up valuable car parking places and road space.

The RACV should be seen to be actively encouraging and promoting motorcycle use rather than continually ignoring the benefits of motorcycles in congested cities. In many crowded cities around the world motorcycles are an important and necessary mode of transportation.

It is unfortunate that the president of Victoria’s largest motoring organisation sees motorcycles as a nuisance and annoyance rather than the solution to ongoing congestion, fuel savings and pollution reduction.

Name and address supplied.
December 15, 2014

Hi Damien,

While waiting for a tram on High Street, Thornbury, I noticed this sign banning motorcycles from parking on a long stretch of footpath.

We need to know how many of these signs are in Melbourne. This audit would indicate the number of signs now and we can then monitor if more signs are being placed around Melbourne.

To find out the number of signs, I assume we need to go to each council in Melbourne. Or are these signs put up by VicRoads?

It is in Thornbury. Not sure what council.

We really need to know how many of these signs are around Melbourne. Before we know it, these will be everywhere and that's how they will get rid of footpath parking.


Name and address supplied.
December 9, 2014.

Hi Damien,

I saw the RACV stuff against footpath parking. I'll ask RACV for a 'please explain' at the next meeting.

Not sure about the tinted visor thing. Are you saying that we can't use tinted visors? Please send through any docs you have relating to this one.


Name and address supplied.
G'day Damien,

This is a copy of an email I sent to the RACV, and the new Minister for Roads in response to the article re: motorcyclists clogging up the citys streets printed in the recent Royalauto magazine. As an RACV member for years and a motorcyclist also involved with the IRG nortern register, I did not hesitate to send this letter.

Thanks for bringing these issues up and I hope that sending these letters helps.

Date:08/12/2014 7:23 PM (GMT+10:00)

Gday, as a loyal member of the RACV for many years, and a motorcyclist, I was absolutely shocked when I read the comments of the chairman of the RACV in the recent issue of Royal auto, December 14/15. On page 11, Ross heron, president and chairman of the board states " In closing I wish to air two personal views on transport issues: Why have the citys footpaths become parking bays for motorcycles? They hinder foot traffic. Would a better use of this space be cycling lanes similar to many European cities"?.

I find these comments very concerning and one sided, the fact that it appears that the Chairman has a personal dislike of motorcycles and is pro cyclist shows the increasing prejudice towards motorcyclists by the very people who are put in place to represent us, in particular motorcyclists.The chairmans comments highlight concerns that as a motorcyclist, and loyal RACV member for many years I feel that cyclists are getting the funding, and support that we as motorcyclist deserve as rego paying, RACV insurance paying, TAC levy targeted, and "high risk" minority branded road users, WHY? 

When we motorcyclists pay for the privilege to use the roads. Does Ross Herron realise that motorcyclists are entitled to park on the footpath legally? What measures have been put in place by the RACVor TAC to ensure the growing number of city commuters that use motorcycles and scooters to get to work are catered for?  None...if these organisations had their way, Melbourne will end up like India, a sea of pushbikes and overcrowded buses and trains.

The chairman Ross heron has obviously reached his use by date as chairman, with these offensive and biased remarks which I, as a member, believe should not have gone to print. The chairmans personal opinions are irrelevant when he is paid very generously to act in a position which is (supposedly) in support of ALL road users in an unbiased, fair and equal manner.

I can only hope that as a loyal member of the racv that the next chairman will support motorcyclists, provide better facilities for motorcyclists, make travel safer and promote motorcycling as a better environmental and more efficient alternative to cars and 4wds.

For the RACV to promote "pushbike tourism" which I believe is contrary to the very purpose of the RACV, and fund projects to a group that does not pay a cent towards the maintenance of any of the roads they are riding on, doesn't make sense.When I open my issue of Royalauto I see nothing about motorcycles, just sales spin for foreign made luxury cars, suvs, caravans etc.

When are motorcyclists going to be positively represented by the RACV and TAC?

Name and address supplied
December 8, 2014.

To the RACV President,

I do not want to sound cruel or offensive, but I do feel that you should resign as you have lost the meaning of your organisation by coming out against motorcycles and scooters parking on the footpath. As the RACV stand for Royal AUTOMOTIVE Club Victoria, which motorcycles and scooters fall under – being automotive and not peddle power. By saying that the footpaths should be changed to emulate other countries regarding bicycles shows that you are an avid people powered operator, rather than that of the organisation you are president of.

Oh yes lets only have motorcycles and scooters using parking bays, now with all those motorcycles and scooters parking one per bay where a car would normally go (which is and would be legal), where are all your other members (car drivers) going to park????

We as riders and members of the RACV feel that you are disregarding a large proportion of your organisation. Yes your figures may show that you don’t have many motorcycles insured with you, this would be due to the fact that you don’t seem to care about these members and overcharge and under compensate. Another reason why I feel you are not doing either, your job or the organisation justice, by forcing riders to seek insurance elsewhere.


Name and address supplied.
December 7, 2014

To Whom it May Concern,

As a person on a limited budget, one reason I ride a motorcycle is  financial.  Any help to my budget is a help.

I ride a motorcycle rain, hail or shine.  One small compensation is that I can park quite close to where I need to go, on the footpath. The motorcycle does not obstruct motorized “Gofers...motorized wheelchairs....etc.  I am always aware to leave space for other footpath users.

Why, oh why, take this small concession away from us???

Why should we take a whole car space for the small amount of space a motorcycle takes up?  Where are the motorcycle designated parking areas in Melbourne???


Name and address supplied.
December 7, 2014.

Dear Royal Auto,

I have been a RACV member since 1978 and a RACV insurance customer for many years including coverage of two cars and a house.

I am also an active motorcyclist and am writing to complain about the latest President’s report in Royal Auto Dec 14/Jan 15 regarding his views against motorcycling parking on footpaths.

Motorcycling parking on footpaths should be encouraged as it creates more parking for cars. Also, motorcycling in general should be encouraged as it creates less traffic congestion and is a much more efficient form of transport.

The President may be entitled to his own personal views, however these should not be promoted by the RACV organisation. I would prefer Royal Auto to support and represent the needs of all RACV members, including motorcyclists.

Yours Sincerely,

Name and address supplied.
Decemeber 6, 2014.

To the President of RACV.

I am a 'gold' RACV member since 1985 and I also have ridden a motorcycle since 1971.

I deem it a privilege to be able to park on Victorian footpaths. I do not agree with your latest bias against M/C's. We pay our share of taxes and have the least impact on our roads.

We as motorcyclists are not represented to any extent as valid road users in your magazines or policies.

If your influence can change laws on M/C parking, I for one (and my extended family)would not be renewing memberships; where a president of an organization so large has such archaic views; and does not take into account ALL road users.

Please have a re-think on what you have publicly stated about more push bike lanes, yes more push bike lanes but not at the expense of motorcycle parking on the footpaths. Why can't we have both?

We do not hinder traffic or pedestrians; in fact we try to keep a low profile because of people like you are trying to take it away from us.


Name and address supplied.
Damien Codognotto OAM
Independent Riders' Group (IRG)

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  1. The Melbourne Walkers group recently called for the banning of Motorcycles from footpaths, falsely claiming that they were a risk to pedestrian safety. This in spite the fact that there is no reports of any pedestrians being injured by motorcycles parking on the footpath.

    The greatest risk to pedestrian safety in the City is from Bicycles not Motorcycles. The North Bank of the Yarra River Next to Flinders Street Railway Station is not a bicycle path yet every day pedestrians safety is placed at risk. Not one word of concern by the Melbourne Walkers group.

    Bicycles on footpaths are a great risk to public safety than Motorcycles