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Thursday, 4 December 2014


Hi all,

"Why have the city's footpaths become parking bays for Motorcycles? They hinder traffic. Would a better use of this space be cycling lanes similar to many European cities? (Ref. RACV Magazine Dec 14/Jan 15 P.11).

Further points to consider:

RACV do not want us on the footpath
RACV do not want us in bus lanes
RACV do not want us in push bike lanes
RACV do not include us in their monthly magazine (not for a long time.)
RACV do not want us using up road space. "Would a better use of this space be cycling lanes".

The RACV has a representative on the Motorcycle Advisory Group (MAG).

Motorcycle Advisory Group

The Motorcycle Advisory Group (MAG) was established in mid-2011 to provide VicRoads with strategic advice on issues relating to the management and development of motorcycling in Victoria.
All riders and pillions need to keep a close eye on the RACV regarding their bias motorcycle and scooter policies.

Please circulate this important warning  as you see fit.
Rodney Brown

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