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Saturday, 28 February 2015


The photo shows Bernie Bickerton on the left with Michael Czajka and Peter Patterson from REPLAS filming an IRG video newsletter at the Albert Park GP track in Melbourne.
This is not a paid ad.

REPLAS makes recycled plastic products here in Victoria. This could mean road furniture that is safer for motorcycle & scooter riders in a crash because the posts can be made to break more reliably and at lower impact speed than the wooden posts. It would also mean more money for road maintenance because the plastic products cost less and last longer. And, it means a lot less used plastic will go into land fill.
REPLAS should interest local government and property developers, not just road authorities.
You can ask Peter about REPLAS at the RIDE TO WORK BREAKFAST on March 16, 2015.

I'm told that every year Parks Victoria and the GP Corporation spend $40,000 just pulling up and putting back the wooden posts and chains around the GP track. Some 10% of the posts have to be replaced and others have to be painted and have new reflectors fitted at extra cost.
The Albert Park GP track is public road for most of the year. Two motorcyclists have died in crashes involving the wooden posts. VicRoads spent $240,000 of your bike tax on a project to replace the wooden posts but nothing happened. 

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