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Sunday, 10 May 2015


My sincere sympathy to family and friends. If there is anything the Independent Riders Group can do, please let us know.

If VICROADS & Councils spent as much on road maintenance as they do on dangerous barriers, unsafe plantings and unnecessary road signs, there would be fewer tragedies like this one.

The IRG will again ask the Victorian Auditor General to audit spending on road furniture in Victoria.


May 17, 2015.

L24,  35 Collins Street,  Melbourne  3000.
Tel:  03 8601 7101.

Dear Sir,
         The Independent Riders Group has in the past asked for an audit of tax/rate payer's money that is spent on our roads. The deaths of Mark Rogers and Jodi Andrews have prompted us to ask again.

It seems that this couple were the victims of a lack of road maintenance. They were on a weekend ride with friends on one of our state's famous and well-used tourist roads. The newspaper report attached indicates they died after their motorcycle hit a temporary road repair. The hazard was well known to the road authority. 

Road authorities too often complain they would do more to keep our roads in safe condition but funds are scarce. It seems to us that massive amounts of our money are spent on unnecessary, sometimes confusing, signs and on road furniture that is not cost effective. If waste was cut in signs and barriers there should be a lot more for road maintenance and repair.

The Independent Riders Group would welcome the opportunity to make a submission when a road safety audit is done.

Damien Codognotto OAM

Independent Riders' Group (IRG)

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