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Thursday, 11 February 2016


IN THIS WHOLE ARTICLE the primary cause of motorcycle & scooter road trauma does not rate a mention. Motorcycle & scooter riders are told they are responsible for their own safety. Car driver error does not get a mention. Car driver error is by far the biggest cause of vulnerable road user casualties. Even the motorcycle rep's criticism of negligent and/or incompetent car drivers got edited.

If it had been nine bicyclists that got killed, the reporting would have been different, the police would be telling car drivers they had to share the road, VicRoads would gush "TRAVEL HAPPY" and the RACV might even give the journo a quote about driver awareness.

Another point is that this journo ( did NOT make the point that about two thirds of these fatals involved unriders! Road riders are very safe statistically IF you remove the unrider and off-road numbers that get included in our stats.                                                                             

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