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Friday, 12 February 2016


Cr Bernadene Voss
The Mayor.
The City of Port Phillip

Dear Cr Voss.

Please let us know what is happening with motorcycle & scooter footpath parking around LUNA PARK in St Kilda?

First we were told the bike ban signs were temporary. Now they are permanent. Taking up car bays in the Shakespear Grove or other car park is counterproductive. Fewer carspaces menas fewer car loads of customers. NO problem has been demonstrated with motorcycle & scooter footpath parking in the area of LUNA PARK except on the forecourt which is one of the reasons we asked for the meeting with CoPP and stakeholders.

Motorcycle & scooter riders are good customers. They pay. They are well behaved. RTheir vehicles take up less space and are always at least at 50% of carrying capacity.

Requests for a meeting to work on better motorcycle & scooter parking arrangements around LUNA PARK seem to have been mislaid by the City of Port Phillip.
From the facebook page.

Tony Harley Where did you get your info from?

Not temporary.... a friend of mine posted this on another page....

" I Have just been on the phone with The council. And they tell me It is to be permanent No Motor Cycle Parking on the footpath. But they say they have now allocated More Motor Cycle parking in the car park behind the Vineyard Restaurant. So in short no Bikes on the foot path!!:( I just think its a worry as if one council goes this way,t how many others will follow!?"

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Damien Codognotto OAM
Independent Riders' Group (IRG)
PO Box 4330
Doncaster Heights Vic 3109

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