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Wednesday, 19 October 2016


L to R: Heather Ellis, Mayor Roberto Colanzi, Damien Codognotto OAM and Bernie Bickerton discuss the 2016 TOY RUN for FATHER BOB in the Richmond (Vic.) Town Hall.

Cr Roberto Colanzi sees the role  motorcyclists & scooter riders must play in Melbourne's future and he's prepared to do    something about it starting with hosting the TOY RUN for FATHER BOB at Victoria Park on December 11. If you have a vote in the City of Yarra elections, please consider voting for Roberto Colanzi.


Hi Neighbour
The Yarra City Council election will be held this Saturday on 22 October.
I have been humbled by the number of residents who have volunteered to assist me seeking re-election to Council. And thank you to the many residents who have raised questions and concerns with me.
I hope I have done enough for you to actively consider me for your Number 1 Vote on Saturday.
Information on the election, including postal voting etc can be found here
The booths in the Nicholls Ward are at:
  • McPherson St, Princes Hill
  • Merri Creek Primary
  • Carlton North Primary
  • North Fitzroy Primary
  • St Michael’s  North Fitzroy, and
  • Fitzroy Primary.
If you would like more information about me, you can find out more here:
While I have been campaigning, I have continued working hard as your Councillor and as the Mayor.
I was interviewed by The Age and spoke out against the aggressive 476 apartment, 16 Story building proposed for Queens Parade.
I was also interviewed by a Government journal based in Singapore about the issues I am pursuing in Yarra.
I’ve had follow-up media coverage on:
But there is 1 more task.
Important task in any election is to staff the polling booths.
In the Nicholls ward, there are 6 polling booths. We need volunteers, for no matter how short a time you can provide, to assist with the very important task of handing out how to votes, scrutineering, booth organisation, etc. If you can assist, your help will be gratefully appreciated. Even if you have no experience, but are keen to help, don’t let that put you off. More hands and friendly resident and community faces the better.
Below is the text of an earlier email I sent to you setting out the various policy positions I introduced, and or supported in the current term of Council, and those that I will seek to advance in the next four year term.
If you have any questions, and can volunteer please let me know at:
Or Phone 04122 888 00 – or text through your name, contact number and polling booth
And this is the How To Vote card for the Yarra Election, for the 3 Wards.


Roberto Colanzi
Candidate for Yarra Council
Councillor since October 2012; Current Mayor

Authorised: Mr Barry Pullen, 177 McKean St, North Fitzroy, 3068


Dear neighbour
I am running for re-election to City of Yarra Council.
At some time over the past four years, we have communicated over one or more issues of importance to you.
I am writing to seek consideration for your vote, to continue to represent the people of Nicholls ward (Fitzroy, Collingwood, Princes Hill, North Fitzroy, and North Carlton).
Over the last four years I have fought hard for:
  • In my first 2 years on Council saw in the process to plan and build the North Fitzroy library & community hub, which the community for 30 years has been calling on Council to undertake
  • Worked with both private & not for profit providers to increase the number of places available in childcare facilities. A project of note was the opening of a bilingual language kindergarten in North Fitzroy
  • Saw in strong responses to New Year’s Eve celebrations, especially in Edinburgh Gardens
  • Maintained a strong position against developer construction encroachment in public parks and open spaces
  • Supported the overwhelming community position to see no harm to the environmentally sensitive Rushall Reserve in North Fitzroy
  • Opposed many high rise building planning applications across the city, and
  • Supported strong and robust financial management of Council’s budget.
I was also appointed to the Local Government Minister’s Mayoral Advisory Panel, and was elected to the mayoralty last year, unanimously and unopposed by my eight fellow councillors.
In the next four year term of Council, I will take a leading position to ensure the following strategies and policies are introduced:
  • Preserve and plan for more public parks and open space
  • Preserve existing public parks and gardens, such as Edinburgh Gardens (North Fitzroy), Rushall Reserve, (North Fitzroy) Darling Gardens  (Clifton Hill) and other locations
  • Support more not-for-profit and public child care facilities
  • Support best practice and provision of aged care facilities, especially for our most vulnerable
  • Advocate for improved linear and radial buses services in and across Yarra
  • Work for an indoor sports stadium for basketball, netball, badminton and other sports uses
  • Advocate for harsher penalties of taggers and graffiti vandals
  • Reduce dog and cat permit fees and charges
  • Better environmental sustainable design for commercial buildings, leading to zero greenhouse gas emission buildings
  • Improve sports infrastructure for women and girls, such as change rooms and netball courts
  • Advocate for increased public and social housing as a key condition of any high density residential development
  • Institute participatory and community led democracy forums in Council’s strategy and policy decisions, such as annual budget considerations
  • Maintain low fees, charges, and rates
  • Advocate for heritage and planning controls for the Yarra river corridor
  • Encourage installation of ‘micro-grid’ energy systems, and make such measures a planning (zoning) requirement
  • Promote energy upgrade agreements, and encourage take up of energy performance contracts and similar in Yarra’s commercial sector to reduce GHG emissions
If you are already planning to vote for me on 22nd October, thank you.
If you would like more information about me, you can find out more here:
If you are able to help out with my campaign, please let me know. There are different ways to help: door knocking; putting up a poster in your window or garden; handing out how to vote cards on the day or during pre-polling. I am also running a crowd funding campaign through Small amounts are greatly appreciated and you can donate anonymously.
Thank you for your consideration.

Roberto Colanzi
Candidate for Yarra Council
Councillor since October 2012; Current Mayor
Authorised: Mr Barry Pullen, 177 McKean St, North Fitzroy, 3068