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Thursday, 26 April 2012


April 27, 2012.

Premier of Victoria
Level 1,  1 Treasury  Place,
Melbourne                     3000.

Dear Premier,
                        As Victorians tighten their belts in tough times and our ambulance crews and patrol police are under-manned our Transport Accident Commission (TAC) throws money away.

The latest shock anti-motorcycle TV ad is a disgrace. It is more about TAC's image than motorcycle safety.

Aside from distressing road trauma victims' loved ones there is no evidence to suggest these types of ad reduce casualty crashes.  TAC ignores the fact that the majority of pedestrian, bicycle, motorcycle and scooter injuries and deaths are caused by car driver error.

To the best of our knowledge TAC did not consult widely before going ahead with this ad. Focus groups are a marketing tool not real research. This is about Victorian's lives not selling a new brand of biscuits.

The TAC is a monopoly with a compulsory product. It has no need of a glossy corporate image, sporting sponsorships or expensive media campaigns. Surplus funds from our vehicle insurance should be invested in better rehabilitation for crash victims, improving our ambulance service, reducing premiums for safe drivers/riders and encouraging environmentally-friendly vehicles.

The Board of the TAC has bankers and administrators but no one experienced or qualified in transport or road safety, let alone motorcycle and scooter safety. We have raised this matter with the Minister responsible for the TAC and suggested suitable, qualified people for the TAC Board. When will this TAC imbalance be corrected for the good of all Victorian road users?


Cc  The Hon David Davis

Damien  Codognotto  OAM
P O  Box  3091,  East  Doncaster,  Vic.  3109.
Tel: 03 9846 8621.  Email:

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