Sunday, 22 July 2012


GIVING BLOOD isn't easy in Australia in 2012. There are fewer blood banks. Too many are hard to get to and many have difficult opening hours. The booking system is rigid and there's the red tape.  

It means you can't always donate blood or plasma conveniently. That's counter productive, especially in a volunteer system. Questionaires for a first timer are understandable but a blood test and a few questions asked by a nurse should be enough for regular donors.

Surely screening the blood donation itself is a safer bet than forms and questionaires could ever be. But don't let them put you off becoming a blood donor. Make the effort. One day it might be you or one of yours that needs a life-saving donation.

Over the last decade or so the Red Cross Blood Service has become increasingly corporate hiring spin doctors and young administrators with diplomas and certificates and a comprehensive lack of experience dealing with volunteers.

Charities are good places for marketing and management types to spend a couple of years before climbing on up the corporate ladder. It looks good in their CVs. That's probably why there is a high turnover of staff at the blood service HQ.

Melbourne's Herald Sun. July 23, 2012.
But their shortcomings should not put you off. Giving blood is a very good thing to do. If you can give blood, become a regular donor. If you haven't given blood for a while, book in today.

Call  13 14 95  or
Melbourne's Herald Sun. July 23, 2012.

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