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Wednesday, July 11, 2012,  4:04:11 PM,  Aussie Sadler wrote:

Peter Ryan MP
Minister for Police

Dear Peter Ryan,

Snr Sgt Gore of Wangaratta Highway Patrol was quoted as saying at a forum, "Within 18 months the government will legislate that all your (motorcyclists') jackets have got to be this colour." That is dayglo lime green. I don't know on what authority he states this, but I would like to know the research behind his statement. A compulsory "lights on" law with its' horrific legal ramifications and lack of research was thrown out some years back. Seems it's a case of  "Here we go again."

In my forty six years fo riding motorcycles I have never been involved in a car/bike accident. Initially, believing in the "Be seen, be safe" moto, I wore a bright yellow jacket and had my light on at all times despite  doing electrical damage to my early model motorcycle which was not suitably designed. I found that drivers generally treated me with disregard at best and at worst, blatant aggression.

Following a near miss with a car crossing on my left in front of me AFTER we made eye contact, I reviewed my strategy on the grounds that everyone sees and respects a black leather clad outlaw bikie. Since then I have worn dark leathers and momentarily turn the light on and off at my discretion when a situation calls for it. Coupled with a philosophy of, "Regard a;ll car drivers as idiots" I'm still happily riding. I guess one could say that I have done my own unintentional research.

Snr Sgt Gore goes on to say that motorcyclists should do everything in their power to see they don't fall off.
I couldn't agree more. However I fail to see what dayglo jackets have to do with this statement. He also says, "If you don't like this, stop riding motorcycles." With such beligerence one could question his ability to uphold the law in a fair and just manner.

I don't need him to tell me what to wear or how to ride a motorcycle any more than he needs me to tell him how to be a policeman. Having said this, maybe some public relations counselling might not go astray.

I would actually support less cameras and more police on our roads as well as more comprehensive rider AND driver training as is practiced in a number of European countries. I couldn't believe the respect and road courtesy displayed when I was over there.

I sincerely hope that Snr Sgt Gore is wrong in his forecasting this totally dictatorial, discriminating, useless law. I for one will face court action sooner than abide by it and I certainly won't be giving up riding my motorcycle!


Aussie Sadler
Vic.       3931.

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