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The Herald Sun editorial that caused all this reaction is in the first BIKE BIGOT blog. Scroll down.

If The Herald Sun does not respond we will make a formal complaint to the Australian Press Council.

Independent Riders' Group

David Reynolds commented on Wayne Nunn's post in "NO" TO UNFAIR DISCRIMINATION AGAINST MOTOR CYCLISTS.

David Reynolds
9:28pm Dec 17

I have written to the editor of the HS with appropriate CC. Here is a copy of my complaint.

Dear Editor,

I am writing to you to complain about the editorial piece, regarding motorcycle filtering, published in your newspaper on December 14, 2012.

Firstly, there are numerous inaccuracies in this piece and statements that are clearly contrary to the PIMS recommendations recently submitted to the Victorian parliament. These recommendations are well researched and put together by a diverse, well educated and experienced group.

By contrast your piece looks like it was written by a sad middle aged man who had a rough day in traffic. If he had done any research (as opposed to writing something he just lazily thought up on the spot), he would realise that there is plenty of evidence to support filtering as a safe and intelligent technique to both keep motorcyclists safe and help alleviate the traffic congestion in our city. This in turn should reduce driver frustration. The arguments could go on, but I am sure that you get the gist of what I am writing.

This alarmism appears to be a cynical attempt to undermine intelligent research into improving the safety of motorcycle riders.

By not researching properly (or indeed at all), and by attempting to sway opinion in a direction that may well jeopardise motorcyclists in this state, you show no respect or regard for your profession…..or just people.

To be honest, I have grown to accept that your newspaper has a tendency to write alarmist and inaccurate claptrap of this nature, and yet I still find myself astonished on occasion by articles such as this. This is a shame, because I once was a daily reader.

So, I ask that you please correct these mistakes and retract your inaccuracies where applicable. I would also invite you to do your job and start talking to actual researchers, people who have done their job. Write a piece that you can be proud of.

Of course I don't expect you to comply with any of my requests, so in the meantime please be assured that I will be referring to your paper as "The tabloid for the masses who dwell on the left side of the IQ bell curve".

Yours Sincerely,

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Andrew Popovic
1:21pm Dec 15

a friend said to me we should lobby the mp's that are only holding their seats by 1 - 2%

Skye Mitchell
8:10am Dec 15

They are undermining a legal process and it is deplorable they would spread such a hate mongering message toward an issue that increases motorcyclist safety. Motorists are going to consider this an acceptable attitude towards motorcyclists. I cc'd my email to I put aside my general distaste for their style of reporting to write a letter addressing what I believe were the key shortcomings of the editorial. Hopefully enough riders will do it and we will receive better press.

Damien Codognotto
7:27am Dec 15

The issue is not the quality of the Herald Sun. The issue is the damage it is doing to the credibility of the PIMS recommendations. Several of us have demanded a correction and apology from the HS editor and cc'd the Press Council. The more people that do that, the more likely we are to start getting the recommendations implemented. There's more info on the blog.


Skye Mitchell
12:47am Dec 15

I've sent my complaint ... but the Herald Fun (that's my name for them) will continue on this path of flaring up non issues. They've been doing this for a long time.

Skye Mitchell
11:56pm Dec 14

I am still seething over that tripe the Herald Sun editorial had in it. But it's not completely unexpected with that hack piece of rag.

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Wayne Nunn
7:00pm Dec 11

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7 December 2012 09:33

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Dec 7, 2012 9:33am
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