Wednesday, 25 December 2013


If you are doing a New Year email out to Members and Clubs, can you please request they keep AUSTRALIA DAY free for the CANBERRA PROTEST RIDE, or in the case of clubs, consider making it a club event.  

A lot of clubs have their annual runs, poker runs etc on that long weekend, and it's concerning me that combined with school holidays absences, we may be pushing to get a strong show of support.

As far as I can tell, the name is 'Australia Day Bill of Rights Petition Run', and to cover those who don't have access to FB, can you also include the link for them to sign the petition . . .

and this is some information about it . . .

Include the FB pages for them to follow up for details; I am already suggesting on FB Northern, riders plan to have an overnight a couple of hours out of Canberra, or in Canberra (if they can get it, or afford it!), on Sat 25th Jan, and possibly Sun 26th Jan as well, depending on how many hours riding they have to get home.

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