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Date: Wed, 4 Dec 2013 09:50:48 +1000
Subject: Bikie clubs to launch High Court challenge over Queensland Government's anti-gang laws

Bikie clubs to launch High Court challenge over Queensland Government's anti-gang laws
CASHED-up bikie clubs will launch a High Court challenge to the Newman Government's anti-gang laws, saying they have no other option but to fight back.

The clubs are assembling a $500,000 war chest for the showdown, which could be launched before Christmas, and have employed NSW Hells Angels barrister Wayne Baffsky to lead the charge.

But last night a defiant Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie said: "We are ready to fight back".

A Brisbane law firm will also be announced as part of the challenge, which is being led by the United Motorcycle Council representing 14 Queensland gangs.

UMC spokesman and Rebels bikie gang veteran Mick Kosenko told The Courier-Mail he was confident the bikies would follow the lead of NSW and South Australian gangs, which successfully overturned gang laws.

"Newman and Bleijie have picked a fight and we've got to step up to take them on," Mr Kosenko said last night.

"These grossly unfair and ridiculous laws are affecting thousands of innocent Queenslanders and we have no choice but to try to get them overturned."

But Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie last night told the bikies to bring on the High Court challenge.

This rider donned a mask during Sunday's bikies protest. Picture: Jeremy Piper

"We always expected a challenge and we are ready to fight back," he said.

"Our laws target only criminal motorcycle gangs - the groups that are linked to murder, rape, extortion and drug trafficking to name a few."

Queensland's tough anti-gang laws, declared in October after a bikie brawl and police station siege on the Gold Coast, has seen gangs declared criminal organisations, dozens of bikies arrested, their colours surrendered and clubhouses closed.

Mr Kosenko said he was confident bikies could beat the laws. "The laws go considerably further than is necessary or needed and quite frankly I have never seen Acts like this in any part of the world, or anywhere in the last 50 years," he said.

Mr Kosenko said bikies from across Australia, as well as "ordinary mums and dads", had contributed to the UMC's legal fighting fund and more donations were expected once the High Court challenge was announced.

A 33-year Rebels veteran, Mr Kosenko said he did not have a criminal record but "woke up a criminal" the day after the anti-bikie laws were declared. He said the laws would wipe out businesses like his Brendale tattoo parlour.

"One of the club members employs 30 people and if he loses his business, that'll be 30 families that won't be able to put food on the table," he said.

"None of those people belong to a bike club."


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