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Sunday, 8 June 2014



On Saturday, August 9, 2014, there will be a free seminar on the future of motorcycling in Victoria. It's at Brown's Corner Hotel on Sydney Road at Bell Street in Coburg.

Be there from noon to 4 pm to hear and/or be part of the debate on motorcycle & scooter laws & taxes in Victoria and how we can protect our right to ride.

Every few years governments cook up ways to make it cost more and make it harder to get a bike licence and even harder to keep it. Here's a few examples.

In 1993 a Parliamentary Inquiry (PIMS) came up with many positive recommendations. VicRoads stalled. In 1998 VicRoads academic Alexandra Douglas researched a  PIMS review. Riders paid about three quarters the CTP that cars did. The above CTP increases were justified with propaganda not science. On 2014 prices, riders of bikes over 501cc would pay $1500+ a year! This would have been hard to get through so a few years later, the $50 TAC tax was slipped through with the budget. The rider reps policy of appeasement let it happen.

So what's next? Attacks on free footpath parking again. The return of the push for front ID so they can track, fine and toll all riders remotely? Compulsory flour vests?

Flouro vests become law for novice riders in Victoria in October 2014. VicRoads are doing it by regulation, not legislation so they don't have to take it to Parliament. They can also expand the law to cover all riders without consultation in future ... unless we stop it in the lead up to the state election.

If Victoria gets compulsory flour vests you can bet other state's and territiries will force it on their riders too.

VicRoads has already drafted a regulation to make boots mandatory.

There will be a state election late in November 2014. Go see your MP. 

The FAIR GO SEMINAR is a direct follow on from the May 26 protest at VicRoads and we plan to generate a lot of media. Hirsty will be down from Sydney to film the action for Temporary Australians.

If you ride, you're invited.

Please pass this on, share it, whatever. We need a lot of riders to attend.

Damien Codognotto OAM
Independent Riders Group

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