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Thursday, 1 January 2015


BILL KAYLOCK'S TOY RUN EMAIL has generated a lot of discussion on facebook including an offer from the Victorian Motorcycle Council (VMC) to merge the IRG TOY RUN for Father Bob and The Calder TOY RUN. Lots of old Melbourne TOY RUN pix.

Independent Riders Group member Bill Kaylock now lives in Europe. He's is home for a visit and sent me this email. I agree with him, especially about the TOY RUN.


On 1/01/2015 10:39 PM, Bill Kaylock wrote:

Hello Damien,

I read all of your emails and as I am in Australia at the moment I am aware of the current situation for motorcycling , especially in Melbourne.

A couple of observations.

It seems that motorcycling has lost much ground recently. The raising of the age for learners to 18 , the flouro vest law,  the banning of tinted visors. I could go on.
 And , perhaps I am alone in this view , the Toy Run has progressively moved away from the city, now ending at Calder. I always thought of it as an opportunity to promote motorcycling as well as assist charity. Without the sight of 1,000s of motorcycles converging on the city I feel it misses a great opportunity, (similar to the GP run starting in

Meanwhile I shall revel in the joy of riding a motorcycle in Europe.



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