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Wednesday, 28 January 2015


West Australian bike cops are using traffic filtering and helmet cameras to hunt and book phoning/texting car drivers. Medium sized bikes that handle in heavy traffic can nab drivers for in car offences better than police cars, bicycles, horses ... whatever, certainly better and for fewer tax dollars than the big tourers used in Melbourne's heavy traffic..

The Victoria Police could learn a lot about enforcing phone/drive laws from the blokes in WA.



  1. ....not one of those cars were moving when they were using their phones.....i reckon that's over the top......there is little or no danger to anyone if a car is not moving......driving down the road at a hundred k's , now that's different, but surely the human brain can deal with driving a car and operating its functions simultaneously , like scanning the instruments, changing gears, looking in the mirrors ( shock horror , for a moment i'm not looking where i'm going) turning switches on and off, conversing with passengers,........ just a moment, a passing truck,has just gone past through some water on the road and thrown it up on my windscreen and for a moment i cannot see in front of me, no worries i hold the line i was driving and reach for the wiper switch and in a second or two all's fine.......but what ever you do don't look at your phone when your stationary, it may cause you to kill some one......oh dear

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  4. Sorry. I don't agree. The light just turned red. The car stops. The phone rings. The driver picks it up. It is an important (to the driver) call. The lights are green the driver continues on the phone. The car behind toots. Two choices, drive and talk or put the phone down and carry on the conversation at the next red light. I reckon most drivers will drive and talk. In the WA case I got the impression the police bike had been following the conversation, so to speak, then approached the driver when the car had stopped. Safest way to nail these irresponsible creeps.