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Thursday, 15 January 2015


In spite of a significant and sustained reduction in motorcycle & scooter casualties, this video clip shows only a fleeting glimpse of a motorbike. If it's bad news riders are on the national news. If it's good news like a 33% reduction in fatal crashes over two years, it's buried.

After all the propaganda telling car drivers that riders are either violent criminals or suicidal maniacs, you'd reckon the taxpayer funded government agencies would be very public in saying well done and pointing out the benefits safe riding bring to other road users and the community in general.

Want to send a message to governments and car drivers, be at the RIDE TO WORK BREAKFAST on March 16.

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Fatalities for motorcycle riders and pillions in 2014 were 31 - 23% down from 2013 and 33% down from 2012 (TAC Road Safety Statistical Summary, October 2014.

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