Monday, 21 May 2012


The Independent Riders' Group (IRG) has written to the Victorian Minister responsible for the
Transport Accident Commission (TAC), Assistant Treasurer Gordon Rich-Phillips MLC

for information on the TAC's latest antibike campaign. See the letter below. The campaign
includes bill boards, print and electronic media. It features a motorcyclist being killed when a
car driver runs a stop sign. The rider breaks his neck. A policeman blames the rider for being
8 kph over the speed limit. Distressing for those who have loved maimed or killed by car driver
error especially when charges have been known to be laid on the basis of the vehicle chosen
by the operator.

The campaign must have taken a long time to put together. Consultation with stakeholders was
virtually non-existant. It must have cost a lot of our money. TAC's money comes from road
users who must have third party insurance to travel legally. TAC is a monopoly. That makes sense.

What makes no sense is to spend road users' premiums on campaigns that
do not work to make riders safer but do work to villify riders' legitimate transport choice which
can create dangerous situations in traffic.

What is utterly non-sensical is for TAC to spend our premiums on a TV show which illustrates
practices that TAC condemns in the interests of road safety, like not wearing protective gear
and drinking then riding.

IRG wrote to find out, if true, how TAC justifies spending our premiums this way.

See letters to the editor in an earlier blog.

We'll let you know what response we get.

We publish these letters because TAC appears to have a culture of sham consultation and
tends to do what its' spin doctors and secretive bureaucrats think is good rather than what
is actually good for motorcycle & scooter riders. Road safety is not national security.

Damien Codognotto OAM
Independent Riders' Group

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