Thursday, 11 July 2013


Thanks Cate.

I'd appreciate it if IRG members would keep an eye on the Coroner and let me know if any motorcycle or scooter rider inquests are coming up and I'll try to get there.

Damien Codognotto OAM
Independent Riders' Group

Here is the link to the Coroners Court of Victoria hearings for July.

A list for each month can be accessed from:

Generally, anyone can come to an inquest. Sometimes a coroner will
decide to exclude the public, or specific people, from attending. A
coroner may also restrict publication of the evidence, or part of the
evidence.  While anyone can attend, only people granted permission
by a coroner can appear as an ‘interested party’.

Who are interested parties?

Interested parties are actively involved in the inquest.
They may make submissions, examine witnesses and read documents.

To become an interested party you must show the coroner that you have a
particular interest in the case and a reason to appear.

Interested parties may include:

•family members
•a doctor who treated the person who has died
•anyone who has relevant information
•a person who, in a coroner’s opinion, may be involved in some way with
the death or fire.

Interestingly, I heard on the news earlier, another truck driver, who
supposedly witnessed the accident this morning, saying that the
motorcyclist ran up the back of the truck.  I'm a little confused, as to
how that could happen, unless the truck had pulled out in front of him
without warning?  Hmmmm . . . hate to sound cynical, but truckie's stick
together too, just like we used too!


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