Monday, 29 July 2013


Hello Damien,
Please refer to the attached responses received from my local member.
I would like to respond to Neale Burgess with my comments regarding the Terry Mulder letter.
In addition to expressing my concern that the inquiry’s recommendations are not being fully supported by the Victorian Government, I would also like to question the statement that “60 per cent of speeding motorcyclists do not get fined because speed cameras are not able to identify them”.
I thought that incidents of speed cameras not being able to identify four (or more) wheeled vehicles were much more numerous than motorcycles. Do you have any information, statistics and/or facts on this?
Also, do you know how many members the IRG currently has? Politicians usually take note of numbers (potential voters!).
Please keep up your good work. I get rather upset seeing the continuous ridiculous persecution of motorcyclists by Governments and am very glad there are people like you out there fighting for us. 
Your welcome to put this on your blog if you like.
Kindest Regards,

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  1. I was behind a car the other day. I could not read the number plate because there was so much dust between the plate and the protective cover it was completely obscured. Plenty of four wheeled vehicles out there that would be impossible to identify by camera.