Monday, 22 July 2013

Hi all:-)

I finally got around to setting up the IRG Northern Register Facebook
page as discussed a few months ago with Damien.

The aim is to encourage riders in regional north, north central & north
east Victoria, to keep us informed of issues specific to their local
council areas, as well as issues relevant to all riders.

I would like to think we'll end up with someone to do an IRG Western
Register, and IRG Eastern Register, in the future, and that they will
all serve to help bring IRG to regional areas more effectively.

There is a problem with the display of the IRG Northern Register
Facebook page at the moment, which Leah & I have been trying to sort out
today, but to no avail.  It can only be accessed by signing in as a
Facebook user, which I hope to have rectified in the next 48 hours, when
the page has had time to 'settle in' on the system.

Here it is!

We have 11 'Likes' already!!  Thanks Leah for putting it up on the main
IRG Facebook page this morning, and thanks Dale . . . you were lucky
number 7!


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