Thursday, 25 July 2013


The Independent Riders' Group is growing steadily.

The aim is to promote motorcycle & scooter safety and defend your right to ride.

Membership is free. You can withdraw at any time. All we need is your name, post code and email address. Send it to or the addresses below:

Hello everybody!

I have recently established a Facebook page for Independent Riders' Group Northern Register, and am servicing regional northern Victoria for IRG.

IRG represents individual riders who may prefer not to be a member of an organised club or group, riders who belong to a club or group that may or may not already be affiliated with VMC or VSRA, riders of all types of Motorcycles, Trail Bikes, Scooters, and Pillions.

All members participate in various ways, and are encouraged to provide input about rider issues they are concerned about.

As a lobby group, our strength in unity to our cause is vital, as is a show of strength by numbers.

IRG membership is free!

We welcome your support.

We ride, we pay, we vote.
Make a difference today.

All we need is your name, email
address & postcode.

We provide information for North, North Central & North East Victorian motorcycle riders on how to participate and/or contribute to, lobbying for riders rights.

Do you ride a motorcycle, trail bike, or scooter? Are you a pillion? If so, and you are concerned about your safety, or any initiatives in your local area that may impact on your liberties as a rider, please email:

to have your concerns posted on our facebook pages and blog.

Please, spread the word, share any information you like from our 
facebook pages, and feel free to contact us with any of your concerns.

and/or, for Central (Greater Melbourne) & South

Keep informed of current issues affecting our safety and liberties as riders and pillions.  Have your say; keep us posted on any rider specific issues in your local areas.

Stay safe,


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  1. Good for you Cate! I'm not on Facebook, but I wish you well - go girl!