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NB The Victorian Road Safety Committee public hearing in Friday, August 31, 2012, has moved from the usual venue to Parliament House in Melbourne due to strong interest/anger in/at the latest TAC horror bike campaign.

The public are invited. Details in an earlier blog.

Damien Codognotto OAM
The Independent Riders' Group

From: Rodney Brown <rod.brown72@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, Aug 27, 2012 at 7:51 PM
Subject: Road Safety Executive Group does not interact with VMAC now MAG (since August 2011)
To: Andrew Elsbury MP

Andrew Elsbury MP is a member of the Victorian Road Safety Committee.

Dear Andrew


Andrew no wonder TAC motorbike safety ads do not hit the mark with the target market (motorbike/scooter riders) as there appears to be no real  input by riders (As Mr Walshe stated in the police transcript, see below)

Transcript 92.01 Kb


Deputy Comm. WALSHE — The road safety executive group is senior representation from Victoria
Police, VicRoads, the TAC and the Department of Justice. We meet periodically, about once every two months or so, and are looking at road safety issues and working our way through partnership issues to improve road safety and reduce road trauma.

The CHAIR — Is it likely that this group will have interaction with VMAC?

Deputy Comm. WALSHE — Not directly with VMAC, no.

The Motorcycle Advisory Group (MAG) was established in mid-2011 to provide VicRoads with strategic advice on issues relating to the management and development of motorcycling in Victoria. This group has replaced the former Victorian Motorcycle Advisory Council (VMAC).


My answer to the TAC Road Safety Manager Samantha Cockfield who said, ''The fact that people continue to talk about it is not necessarily a negative (refering to the TAC road safety ad on motorbikes/scooters)."

In measuring the success or failure of any advertising campaign one would ascertain what impact (favourable/unfavorable) it has on the market it is targeting. The target market in this case is the motorbike rider. It has proven to be very unfavourable amongst riders, around Australia, certain lawyers, clubs, associations, motorcycle councils at the highest level and has been pulled apart in a very well read and respected motoring magazine (June issue Aust.Motor Mag. covering 6 pages).

It is therefore, safe to say the recent TAC safety campaign has failed in its production. I have witnessed motorbike riders who have turned their back, in protest , on the advertisement when it has viewed on their TV.

I have 3 formal qualifications and one of them is in Advertising, Sales and Marketing.

Please forward my concerns to members of the  State Parliament's road safety committee for their information and consideration at this Friday's meeting with the Transport Accident Commission officials over a controversial motorcycle safety campaign launched this year.

I would value your comments and feedback on this important matter.

Warm regards

Rodney Brown

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