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I found this page on the Motor Cycle Monthly website and thought you might be interested.

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In Australian road law it is probable that conspicuity laws (the HI VIZ VEST law proposed by Victoria Police is one) would alter a riders' legal standing in the event of a crash. Compulsory third party insurers like TAC seek to reduce payouts to riders who are victims of road crashes regardless of who is at fault or of the discriminatory road taxes riders pay. They will call your failure to wear the clothing of their choice, contributory negligence.

When a car goes through a stop sign, as in the TAC ad, and you're vestless when the cop arrives half an hour later, the law could say you did it to yourself so you get less compensation from TAC, pick up a fine and your family gets to pick up the pieces. The fact that we pay as much road tax as a 4WD and that the TAC antibike tax is morally wrong means nothing to road authorities.

The TAC tax targets riders unfairly. Bicyclists don't pay, they get paid. This is from the MELBOURNE WEEKLY EASTERN - AUG 7.

"The state (Vic.) government has allocated $1.5 million to improve Box Hill and Ringwood bike trails." 

Sgt Gore's hi viz vest law is wrong. It is based on opinion not scientific fact. Any small benefit to be gained from riding in high visibility clothing can be gained voluntarily without the probable legal/liability traps associated with such a law.

If you are angry about compulsory dayglo clothing laws that strip you of your rights and discriminatory taxes aimed at pricing you off our roads, become an IRG supporter. Get your friends to join. We only ask that they are over 18 years old - voting age. They do not have to be a rider. They just have to love motorcycles & scooters and want to protect riders right to ride safely.
It's FREE!

You can withdraw any time and being an IRG supporter does not interfere with any other membership. It gives you a voice.

All we need is your name, post code and an email address.

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Damien Codognotto OAM
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