Thursday, 30 August 2012


Peter Thompson
Stockdale & leggo

Dear Peter,

I  am from Melbourne and run a Real Estate business in Shanghai, China
that helps expatriates find residential housing when moving here.

I  am  an  avid  reader  of Melbourne newspapers every morning and was
deeply  disturbed  to  read  the  article  on the loss of Father Bob’s
Hopemobile.  It  seems that because of concerns about a small group of
riders  hundreds  of  needy  have been affected during the cold winter

I  am  a motorcyclists and before coming to Shanghai was the Victorian
State  Secretary  of  the  Motorcycle Riders Association of Australia.
During  my  time  there  I saw tens of thousands of motorcyclists give
time  and money to charities such as the Salvation Army via our highly
successful  Toy  Runs  and  the Blood Bank via our Blood Runs. Many of
these  riders  found friendship in various motorcycle clubs but it did
not stop them from contributing to those less needy.

Your  organization  also  understands  the need to assist many who are
struggling   in  our  society.  You  demonstrate  your  commitment  to
charities by holding events such as the Stockdale & Leggo Charity Golf
Day and the Annual Pink Ribbon Breakfast BBQ to raise money for breast
cancer.  You  raise  funds  for  Kids  Helpline  and sponsor The State
Trustees Charity Ball for Alzheimer’s Australia Victoria. Even item no
10  on  the  Stockdale  &  Leggo  Garage  Sale Advice writes “Plan for
leftovers, charities might have more use for them than you!”.

Given your organizations major support of many charities I can not for
the  life  of me understand then why you want to undermine the work of
one  beloved,  hard  working  elderly  priest in the last years of his

I have spoken this evening to a close friend of Father Bob and checked
the  story  for  accuracy.  I  was  told  the vehicle was photographed
earlier  then  removed from his place at night. I was told that Father
Bob  had  to  garner  a  lot  of support from many people with private
vehicles  to  deliver  much  needed  foods  around  town.  Thus is his
comittment to those in need.

Peter,  I wish to join in the support for Father Bob and strongly urge
you  to  find it in your heart to return the Hopemobile so that he can
continue his much needed work. I am sure Stockdale & Leggo do not need
this  kind  of  negative  publicity undoing all the good work that you
have  done in the past. Maybe you can call the vehicle the Stockdale &
Leggo Hopemobile in support of your generosity.

I do look forward to reading a very happy ending to this new story and
thank you for taking the time to read my appeal.

Best wishes,


Adrienne Farrelly
General Manager
Shanghai Properties

Donations to help Father Bob help Melbourne's poor and perhaps replace his Hopemobile
can be sent to:

91 Victoria Street, Albert Park, Vic. 3205.

Online donations can be made through PayPal. 
Call Judy on 03 9861 3255 for more information.

Heather Ellis and Father Bob.

Please help. Even a small donation is a lot to someone who has nothing.

Damien Codognotto OAM
Independent Riders' Group

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