Wednesday, 15 August 2012


Anthony Fraietta is an IRG member.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012, 5:39:31 PM, you wrote:

Hello Damien.

What the hell is going on with all these people who think they know what is the best thing for us because we ride a motorbike . The ones who have the right idea have to fight tooth and nail for a change or for someone to listen .

The TAC is a Big Business.  They spend 100's of thousands on TV adds for the footy. They should Spend more on Ride awareness. One thing I am  pissed off about is they keep saying we should be wearing more safety gear.  How much money is in the states kitty from our bikes levy  surely we could get some back in a form of credit at motorcycle outlets for better helmets, leather jackets, gloves, boots, and yes, if  you want to wear a hi viz vest. But that should be our decision.

If  they would do that I bet allot more riders would be in a shop in a flash getting better gear. The day our young riders get their P's and have their bike registered they should be allowed to get their safety gear and for us who have been paying the levy for years who need to replace our gear should be able to make a call get a claim number and go get what needs replacing , I expect people will say some will abuse it but one head one helmet and as a register they can keeps tabs on you .Why doesn't any so called Rep for the riders in Vic Bring this up or is it taboo to talk about the Levy.

If they supplied better riding gear for free everyone would ware it more. How will hi viz vests make any difference when I ride a bike with the head lights on all the time and they still don't see me, why because they are to busy in their vehicles doing their thing with CD players, phones, smokes, radios, talking , eating , texting, putting make up on drinking.  I have seen it all and dayglo vests will  not stop drivers from running into bikes.

It all cones down to driver training. They should have a bigger section on bikes and motorcycles in the test show drivers what happens to motorcycles and their riders after being hit by a car. Make it clear if you don't get it right then you don't get your licence. Sorry if I went on I have always supported your views keep it up.

I am pleased to support IRG

Anthony Fraietta

Thursday, August 16, 2012, 3:08:45 PM, you wrote:

Thanks Damien.

Cheers mate. Believe me when I say GOOD ON YOU.  It's guys like you that makes a difference . Keep the fight going and I hope you get many many riders to support you.  I would like to know  about the Bike Levy (DC - the TAC antibike tax) what is the current figure in there coffers and what are they doing with it and why? We as riders who are forced to pay it have no right to it in the way of safety gear acquisition .It just makes sense to me they talk about rider safety and many riders cannot afford  good safe riding gear?
So why can't we get a subsidy  to buy Riding apparel ???

Anthony Fraietta

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