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Hi everyone,

Page 12 of the Victorian Police Report 7th Sept 2011.

Recommendation   2:  The  minimum  wearing  of  five  high  visability
protective  clothing  items such as helmet,jacket,pants,gloves & boots
manufactured   to   Australian   safety  standard  mandatory  for  all
motorcycle riders & pillions.Vests are not were this would stop!

The push also from Sgt Gore Victoria Police

Over  the last 14 years the number of motorcycle/scooter registrations
in Australia has increased by 5.1% per year, yet our accident rate has
been kept down to 3.1%per year for the same period.10 years ago (1998)
there  were  300,000  motorbike  riders,  by  2008  (MRA figures) over
500,000. A 60% fatalaty reduction in 10 years.This volume continues in
2012 with massive increases in motorbike & scooter registrations.

We  motorcyclists  have  statistically  improved  our safety yet we're
continually  tabled  as  a  problem.  We  need  to prevent this & give
ourselves  freedom  of choice based on our own decisions.Time we spoke
up louder!

I  do  agree  with  protective  clothing  combined  with  the improved
training of all riders & car drivers.

Regards to everyone,

Angus Constable-Townsend

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You have until Oct 3 to do this survey. I ticked "strongly disagree" to mandatory
high visibity clothing and to having the same vehicle ID as cars, in other words,
front number plates.

Please encourage riders and friends to do the survey too.


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