Wednesday, 5 September 2012


Good morning Damien

My name is Vicky.  I ride a Le Grande 200.  I've joined the Independant Riders Group to assist in fighting the new proposed laws of compulsory rider clothing and hi viz vests.

I wear a hi viz vest when riding and that has yet to deter ddrivers from not seeing me on a fairly large red bike.  I also wear all the protective gear, but believe that prescribing what constitutes protective gear could force me in to having to purchase new stuff, as well as not allowing me to make my own choice as to what gear to wear on what day.

I look forward to the challenge of challenging this nanny government of ours.

Yours in riding


To become an Independent Riders' Group supporter just send us your name, post code and email address and we'll put you on the list. It's free. It doesn't interfere with other memberships and you can withdraw when you like.

Standing up to road authorities who would gladly strip us of our right to ride takes organisation and numbers. The more voters we have in the IRG, the more political muscle we have to defend ourselves.

Damien Codognotto OAM
The Independent Riders' Group

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