Saturday, 22 September 2012

PROTEST RUN? 1 - 2012

Would you attend a rally in Melbourne after the Phillip Island GP? 

The rally would protest against: 

1.  a proposed law (Gore's law) to make motorcycle & scooter    riders wear flouro vests when they ride.

Snr Sgt Gore of the Wangaratta Highway Patrol told riders at a road safety forum that flouro vests would be law for all road riders within 18 months and if  riders did not like that they could give up motorcycling!

2.  Police proposals to make approved boots, pants, jackets & gloves compulsory for motorcycle & scooter riders.

3.  Police plans to require motorcycles & scooters to be fitted with a front identifier in the form of a plate, sticker or electronic tag.

4.  Police plans for an anti-association law that could see bike clubs declared criminal organisations with heavy penalties for people who, even unknowingly, associate with a member of a banned organisation.

If your answer is yes, you would attend a protest rally in Melbourne at lunchtime on the Monday after the GP, please email

Road authorities in Victoria have displayed their contempt for the current Parliamentary Inquiry into motorcycle & scooter safety by pushing for restrictive and discriminatory laws/ADRs for riders before the inquiry publishes it's recommendations in December 2012.

There is no scientific evidence indicating flouro vests will reduce motorcycle & scooter casualties. Any benefit to be gained over a blazing headlight can be gained voluntarily without effecting a crash victim's legal standing or right to full CTP insurance compensation.

Front ID for bikes is a grab for cash from tolls and fines and a way to track riders for police intelligence gathering purposes.

Other issues would include:

4.  the TAC antibike tax.

5.  banning wire rope barriers. 

6.  road surface neglect by road authorities. Victoria the pothole state.

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