Wednesday, 2 January 2013

1st FAIR GO RUN 2 - MARCH 16 2013

Saturday, March 16, 2013.

All motorcycle, scooter, sidecar and trike riders and their passengers are invited. Flags & banners welcome. No fees or registration. Just roll up.

All usual road laws apply.

The ride sends two messages. 

One is to road authorities. 

We will use our votes in the 2014 Victorian elections to get a fair go for the motorcycle & scooter community. 

  • Yes to the PIMS recommendations.
  • Yes to an independent road safety authority.
  • Yes to a serious blitz on mobile phone use by car drivers. 
  • No to front number plates/stickers/tags, 
  • No to mandatory flouro vests.
  • No to compulsory boots, pants, jackets & gloves picked by Canberra. 
  • No to consorting laws.
  • No to wire rope barriers
  • No to the TAC antibike tax.

The other message is to car drivers.

We have a right to ride. You have a responsibility to drive with due care near other road users.
"Sorry mate. I didn't see you." is an admission of negligence or incompetence or both.

ASSEMBLE from 9am at the BP service station on the corner of Cooper Street and Scanlon Drive in Epping. Melway map 181, reference E 11.

DEPART at 10am for Seymour. About 80 kms north on the Hume Highway. Riders from the west north and east are invited to meet the Melbourne column in Wallis Street, Seymour.

SPEECHES at 11.30am outside the office of Cindy McLeish MP at 30 Wallis Street in Seymour. Seymour is a marginal seat that the Victorian Government can not afford to lose. The electorate includes many riders, their families and their friends. Riders touring the great roads in the area contribute to the local economy every day.

326,000 plus Victorians are licenced to ride motorcycles & scooters. We are legitimate road users and we more than pay our way. That is a large voting block. Candidates for seats at the 2014 state elections, who publicly lobby for the recommendations of the parliamentary inquiry report (December 2012) to be adopted will get support from riders.
Fund raiser for the Country Fire Authority at the Flowerdale Pub in 2009 after the Black Saturday bushfires.

DEPART at noon for Flowerdale. About 50 kms via Strath Creek.

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