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On January 1, 2013, registration labels were abolished in NSW. Other state's got rid of them too. The Independent Riders' Group has been calling for Victorian rego labels to be abolished for years because they serve no useful purpose. Any information police require can be gained from the number plate and the bike has to be stationary for the rego label to be read. Failure to display this anachronism in just the right position is just another reason for a fine.

The IRG wrote to VicRoads in 2012 asking when/if Victoria would abolish rego labels. No reply yet.

June 17, 2012.

James Holgate
60 Denmark Street,

Dear Sir,
              We understand that West Australia (2010) and South Australia (2011) have abolished vehicle registration labels/stickers. New South Wales will abolish registration labels from 2013.

Will Victoria abolish vehicle registration labels for cars, motorcycles, scooters and other vehicles?

If so, when?

If not, why not?

Victoria Police motorcycles are exempt from displaying registration labels while road riders must meet strict display requirements (recently slightly relaxed).

Vehicle registration labels cost money and serve no real purpose since information on labels is easily accessible via number plates and driver/rider licences.


Cc        The Hon Ted Baillieu - Premier
            The Hon Daniel Andrews - Leader of the Opposition.

Damien Codognotto OAM
P O  Box  3091,  East Doncaster,  Vic.  3109.
Tel: 03 9846 8621.  Email:

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