Thursday, 31 January 2013


The TAC Board can have up to 9 members. Currently there are 7. All of them are administrators, lawyers, ad men etc. None of them have expertise in road safety or transport. The independent Riders'
Group wants this situation to change and supports candidates with road safety and/or transport skills.

The minister responsible, Assistant Treasurer Gordon Rich-Phillips agrees with the IRG that there should be a balance of skills, including road safety and transport, on the TAC Board.

If there had been such a balance perhaps the recent, costly TAC motorcycle TV ad farce would not have happened.

One of the TAC Board positions is being advertised in the Financial Review today (Feb 1, 2013).

Since at least 2007 decisions on Board Members have been made by the minister on the advice of TAC.  Minister Rich-Phillips agrees that these decisions are his responsibility.

About a year ago the Baillieu Government hired a company to head hunt people for government boards.

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