Sunday, 13 January 2013

WRB SMASH 2 - JAN 11 2013

G'day All.

I'm still looking for any information or media links 
on the smash involving a large truck crossing a 
median strip "protected" by a wire rope barrier 
then careering into oncoming traffic. See WRB 
SMASH 1.  Miraculously no one was killed. 

A policeman on site said the WRB had absorbed 
much of the truck's momentum. Why did he pre-empt
legal proceedings? How could he know? What were 
his qualifications to make an "instant" assessment 
of this smash? 


Hi Damien,

It  seems  that the police are free to make any comment they like. And
it has been going on for years.

Some time back (25 years at least) I had a car "taken" illegally and it
subsequently   was   crashed.  A  policeman  at  the  scene  suggested
mechanical  failure  as  a  cause of the accident (before he was aware
that it was taken illegally)

My  insurance  company  refused  to  pay for the repairs based on this
policeman's appraisal of the accident.

It  took many months and great expense to me before it was resolved in
my  favour.  To my knowledge the policeman involved was never asked to
qualify or recant his assumption.

Seems nothing has changed.

Love the blog,

Billy Kaylock

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