Thursday, 15 August 2013


There may be something in the Geelong Advertiser about this.
ABC Radio. Friday, August 16. 2013. Jon Faine Show.

Apparently  VCAT  have  killed  off a proposal to upgrade a motorcycle
track out of Geelong because locals ran  a  case  against  a  planning
permit application.

The    case   cost   locals   $500,000  and  took  4 years. If I heard
right, one part of the 47 page judgement  said that it was decided not
to allow the track because it would attract "non-conformist youth".

The  sport's  controlling  body  said  it  would  seek  advice  before
commenting. After 4 years why wasn't Motorcycling Australia ready?
You don't waste media time by letting a story go cold.

On  the  little  I  heard,  this  seems  to  be  a case of bigotry and
prejudice  that will have negative effects on both bike safety and the
surrounding  lands  where  some  will  ride illegally because there is
nowhere for them to follow their sport legally.

I hope I got this wrong but it seems like more of the same to me. Discrimination
against riders and a limp-wristed response by rider reps.

Damien Codognotto OAM
Independent Riders' Group

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  1. Oh dear! Let's not encourage non-conformism! God forbid youth should think for themselves!