Sunday, 11 August 2013


The Independent Riders' Group strongly opposes the Transport Accident Commission's tax targeting motorcycle & scooter riders in Victoria. Premier Napthine called the TAC tax discriminatory and promised to remove it. The Parliamentary Inquiry into motorcycle & scooter safety recommended the tax be abolished.

The IRG calls on Premier Napthine to abolish the TAC tax.

There is a double rip off in this. If you have more than one bike you do NOT have to pay more than one TAC tax. This is not publicised by TAC or VicRoads. This in itself is deceptive and another reason the tax must go.

If you have paid the TAC tax more than once in a year write to:

The Manager Registration & Licensing Policy
60  Denmark  Street,
Kew,  Vic.                                                     3101.

Please sign the petition and get others to sign it too.

It cost you nothing to sign and it might save you over $70 a year.


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