Thursday, 22 August 2013


The Victorian Scooter Riders Association (VSRA) asks that all motor scooter and motorcycle organisations support the “No Motorcycle Safety Levy write on campaign”.

We are all aware there will shortly be a federal Election, it is not well known that in Australia voters are allowed to write a message on the blank portion of ballot papers, the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) have confirmed that providing the written message does not obscure  the numbered squares the ballot paper remains valid.

The Federal Election is a massive opportunity for all motorcyclist to let the AEC and all Politicians know the full depth of support for the removal of the motorcycle safety levy.

This method of protesting is proven and effective; during the December 1981 Tasmanian referendum 33% of all voters wrote “No Dams” on their ballot papers, this saw the “No Dams” campaign promoted at the Federal Election in 1982 with great effect. The “No Dams” write up campaign delivered a 40% write up in the December 1982 Flinders bye election in March 1982 and a 12%  write up during the Lowe bye election in the same year. The AEC and election scrutineers reported this extraordinary support and surge of public opinion. This resulted in the ALP promising not to build the Franklin Dam, a pledge that was honoured by Bob Hawke when the ALP came to office using a “No Dams” policy platform in March 1983.

By participating in the “NO MOTORCYCLE SAFETY LEVY” write on campaign, Motorcycle and Scooter riders can at the coming Federal Election together stand up and be noticed saying NO to the motorcycle safety levy.

Please pass this message on, attached are sample ballot papers marked “NO MOTORCYCLE SAFETY LEVY”, the VSRA requests all motorcycle and scooter riders, their families and friends, be encouraged to take part in this campaign, because together we can make a difference!

Stephen Bardsley

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