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Monday, 27 October 2014


AUSTRALIAN RIDERS from across the country and overseas should ring MACCA over the coming month and tell him about your TOY RUN specifically or just the joys of touring OZ in general.

You might be Fred from Adelaide doing the Perth Charity Ride or Jan from Hobart who is doing the Vancouver TOY RUN this year. Or maybe you're Tim from Brisbane who is taking in the view from high on Mount Kosiosko. You get the idea.
Who's MACCA?


Australia All Over. ABC Radio. Sunday Mornings. Do not admit you've never listened to it. Asio will hear and you'll be deported.
The phone numbers are 02 8333 1020 or 02 8333 1500.
The talkback line is 1300 700 222.
Please get these numbers on facebook, twitter, websites, blogs whatever. There must be riders or X riders out there who have something positive to say about this great Australian Christmas tradition, the TOY RUN.

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