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Wednesday, 1 October 2014


To motorcycle & scooter riders.
Publicity is cumulative. It builds up. In the lead up to the Victorian election we need more publicity and letters to editors are an easy way to get publicity.
The attached letters are from Lawyer John Voyage from Maurice Blackburn and me.
John's letter is important. TAC spends great wads of our premiums and taxes. In my opinion too much goes on Hollywood ads and trips for officials. This may be because the TAC Board is unbalanced. There are only administrators and financiers on there. There is no one with any expertise in road safety or transport let alone a solid knowledge of motorcycle & scooter riding in traffic.
My letter addresses the woefully poor advice the Victorian Roads Minister gets on matters motorcycling. Examples include the advice that 3 riders died traffic filtering, which had no basis in fact at all, and that the lights-on law was needed so that learner riders would not switch their headlights off in daylight ... what!!!
Anyway, we got a couple of letter printed today. Now it's your turn. Get on to your local media, ask for a journo and tell him/her what you think the government should do to improve conditions for motorcycle & scooter riders.
Damien Codognotto OAM
Independent Riders Group


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