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Monday, 27 October 2014


THIS OBSERVATION came from the US of A on

Good Day Australia, I am Wolf President of the Buffalo Soldiers NC-VA here in America. I Rode in your country last year and really enjoyed it. I covered 8368 km in the two months I rode. From Lismore Vic to Adelaide, up to Melbourne and on to Sydney. I got to ride on your Great Ocean Road and to towns like Bendigo, and Geelong. I will return again to ride some more up the east coast. I heard a lot while I was there about how the politicians are shutting down things for bikes. I just voted this morning here in America. Make your voice heard in Parliment, talking to one another is just talk. But Taking it to your Representatives is the only way you can get change. I ask once why not protest and I was told they will take me to jail. OK TAKE ME TO JAIL. But not just one person but 500,000 must stand and be willing to go all on the same day. If you want change be willing to do something other than talking in the pubs. Talk where a change can really count call a meeting with your Representives and tell them what you want or VOTE THEM OUT. You have the power if you use it. The vote scares them more than any gun or bomb. The will go your way if you vote. Get the man in that sees things your way.

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