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Saturday, 11 October 2014


I have put a note on facebook asking for candidates in the coming Victorian 
elections on November 29, 2014. 
This time I'll carefully consider all candidates except Liberals.
As a rider concerned with road safety and community service, I can't vote Liberal 
this time. First Premier Baillieu then Premier Napthine broke their promises to 
abolish the discriminatory TAC tax on most bikes in this state. The 2012 Parliamentary 
Inquiry into rider safety recommended this unfair tax be abolished and TAC be audited. 
The VACC issued a media release calling for the TAC tax to be removed. 
The TAC tax is around $70 a year hidden on your bike registration forms. That is 
$70 a year low-income riders like me could spend on better riding gear.

This is a 2004 article but it shows that credible, influential people want motorcycles & scooters extinct. They won't get what they want entirely but they can make it more expensive to own a bike and much harder to keep a licence. And , they will not stop, they just step into the shadows when they come up against people power. Having yes-men saying they represent riders in high places, does more harm than good.

The only reason I can see for keeping this blatant tax rip off is to make motorcycles & scooters more expensive to own.
I'll watch the media and the VEC website for information on candidates. I will make up my mind on election day and try to get the best represetatives of the Victoria's people into state parliament. From the performance of the current state government regarding motorcyclists I know I can't vote Liberal in good conscience. 

There should be a lot of choice in this state election. There are new electoral boundaries. And, it looks like there will be lots of minor parties and independentent candidates to choose from. Really think about it. Do not waste your vote. This summer will be important for the future of motorcycling in Australia.
Please share/email this information.
Damien Codognotto OAM
Independent Riders Group


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